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Throne Room

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Prayer Requests

Request From: Dana

Please pray  that my daughter sees the light of God and have in her heart once again. Let desires of pot, drinking and smoking not touch her lips that God would take these desires away. Let bad influences and friends drift away more and more. Let her find the truth and walk in the light one day. Let God surround her with his love and protection today that no harm come to her. Help to make it to school on time and want to go to school everyday. Let her see that her friends are head on a not a good path and one day not want to follow that path. Let me have peace and not be depressed, discouraged, or worried knowing God has my daughter in His hand. Help us get out of debt and pay our bills. forgive me for letting them get out of control.


Request From: Christine

Please pray for my father, Joseph. He's in a lot of pain from his colon cancer surgery. Pray with me his pain will lessen, because it's making him miserable. Thank you.


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