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Throne Room

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This page is for prayer requests you would like to share that others can agree with you in prayer, and so that you can do the same for others. Whenever someone prays for your need - you will get an email telling you they prayed! Submit your Prayer Request by clicking the link below.

The Prayer Request Editor will review your request and it will appear on the Request Page within a few hours. All request are sent out daily.

Please note:

  • If your request is for a particular person, please identify them by their first name only to protect their privacy.
  • Always suggest what others should pray for and give a brief description of the problem.
  • Inappropriate language, topics, or personal attacks will not be posted.
  • Remember to pray for the prayer requests that are posted, rather than just reading them. And don't forget to encourage those who are praying for your request by making another post if you receive an answer, or if more information surfaces.
  • If you would like remain anonymous, please mention this when you send your request. Otherwise your name and email address will be added at the end of the request.
Prayer warriors when you have finished praying please click the “I Have Prayed” link.

Send your prayer request

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